Third Week: 2 lbs Down, Getting to the Gym

Getting skinny.  I like it!!!

Getting skinny. I like it!!!

GRRRRRR….It’s a tough pill to swallow when you don’t get the results you want.  Sunday I weighed in at 219.2 lbs, which means I lost 2 lbs last week.  The week before I figured out I’d need to hit 5 lbs a week for 6 weeks to hit my goal of 190 lbs by my birthday.  Now I need to maintain a loss of at least 5.5 lbs for the next 5 weeks or I’m eating pizza in the park.

I feel like I gave it everything at the gym last week.  My muscles were failing right on the last rep and my legs were giving out after sprinting on the treadmill.  I left everything at the gym because I don’t want to look back and say, “I could have tried harder.”


On top of missing my weight loss goals I had family in town that I wanted to visit.  And between a snowpocalypse in April, work, and working out I had very little time to spend with them.  In fact I was trying to write this post while sitting on the couch with my family as they watched CSI: Whatever.

That was the final straw.  I snapped.  Consistency be damned, I’m going to spend what little time I have left with my family tonight and then going to bed.

I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday pissed off and tired, but the amazing thing was I still made it to the gym and stuck with my diet.  On Friday I seriously thought about skipping my workout, but out of sheer habit I auto piloted to the gym and spent 2 hours there.

My old self would have gone straight home and inhaled a triple order of chinese takeout, but the habits Adam has helped me build are so strong, that even at my most vulnerable, I didn’t break down and give in.

Habits are powerful and the stronger they are, the less willpower you’ll need to succeed. (Sorry to leave you hanging with this thought, but I want to save it for a much longer post very soon.)

So, what happened?

Well something had to give and I chose to put off blogging for a few days to get my head on straight and connect with family.  All I can say is that after a few strategic days of not having to think about writing it feels great to get back at it.

And what are the stakes to get this fixed?

The stakes here are not as drastic as some of the other things I have going on, but they’re hopefully just as effective.

What I want is to have more flexibility in my schedule for things that come up later in the day.  To do this I will be focused on getting to the gym before work by not allowing myself to workout after 12 PM each day.

If I don’t go to the gym in the morning, I’m not allowed to go after work.  And to make sure I don’t cheat I’ll be filling up my after work schedule.

My weight loss goal already has very high stakes, so the test will be to see if there is enough motivation from that to get me to the gym before work.

I’ll report back in 2 weeks to let you know how it goes.

What’s your favorite habit that you’ve developed?  How has it kept you on track even when you’re down and out?