Second Week: 3 lbs down, might as well give up!

Week 2: Looking Good

Week 2: Looking Good

Another roller coaster week, but I still made it to the gym 6 times and worked my ass off.  I even got through my buddy Alex’s 30th birthday party and a company buffet without deviating from my diet.  So this morning I was slack jawed when I stepped on the scale and saw 221.2 lbs staring back at me.

221.2 lbs means I only lost 3.2 lbs this week.  I needed to average 4.9 lbs a week for 7 weeks to make my goal.  Now I need to average 5.2 lbs a week for the next 6 weeks to hit my goal of 190 lbs by my birthday on May 27th.

Guess I better give up now!

That is what my old wussy self would have said 8 months ago when I started this journey, but this is the new and improved self.  The first thing I did when 221.2 lbs came up was step on the scale again to make sure it was right.  221.2 lbs came up again, damn!

The next thought in my head was maybe I’m holding a lot of water weight or there is still a food baby in my stomach from the night before.  While these are possible, neither one was something I could do anything about.

Finally, I reflected on my week and realized there were a number of things I’ve been slacking off on:

  • My eating schedule was none existent.  I’m supposed to be eating every 3 hours.
  • There were a number of days I forgot my snack foods, so I substituted salty convenience store nuts for my usual raw cashews.
  • I forgot to bring my shorts to the gym again, so I skipped a day.
  • I have not been measuring all my food.
  • I did not check in with Adam all week.
  • Not drinking enough water.

And this isn’t even a complete list.

Now you may still think that I’m either giving up or going straight to eating the entire dollar menu at McDonalds, but I’m not.  My new mission is:

I’m going to hit my goal or look great in that underwear

If I hit my goal I don’t have to eat a Little Cesar’s Pizza in public wearing only a pair of tighty whities and post it on YouTube.

If I miss, I’ll still be buff and eating a pizza.  I’ve found the positive in both outcomes.

Failure is not a reason to stop doing something.  It’s an opportunity to learn how you could be doing that something better.

Reflection is the best way I’ve found to learn failure.

This week I thought I “Worked my ass off,”, but looking back I failed in a lot of ways.  And instead of crying about it and giving up, I’m refocusing on what works.

So this week I’m committed to reporting to Adam everyday and restoring the accuracy to my diet that was missing this week.

What have you given up on in the past that you’ve learned to overcome?  Please share in the comments below.