How I Got Rid of the Brush Fire Between My Legs

Making movies is a high friction affair!

Being fat has a lot of little irritations, most of them have to do with friction.

Your belly hangs over your waist and get cut up on your belt buckle.

Walking a short distance starts a brush fire between your legs.

Airline seats cause your entire body to stick to itself.

And much more!

To combat all this friction at 300 lbs I started to learn about the miracle of certain personal hygiene products.

Yes I’ve always showered at least once, brushed twice, and wore clean clothes daily.  But when you got an extra 70 lbs to move there are some products that work better than others.

Dove soap was always my favorite.  It could have been the marketing or the fact that everyone in my family uses it, but when I started putting on the pounds it just didn’t cut it for keeping the friction at bay.

That is when I discovered the magic of Dial antibacterial soap.  When you start to sweat all the crevices on your body get hot and irritated.  The more you move, the worse it gets until it starts to seize like an overheated engine.  But I found washing with Dial soap at least once a day helped keep most of the heat at bay.

Wearing loose underwear didn’t help keep my huge thighs from starting a brush fire between my legs, so I changed to athletic boxer briefs to wick moisture and reduce drag.

Anti-perspirant was the name of the game until my arm flab started to rub against the side of my chest.  Switching to deodorant allowed my pits to sweat and self lubricate the process, which cut down on the heat production.

The last straw was when I was in New York for a course and one of my classmates was sharing their boyfriends chafing secrets with me.  It came up because we walked everywhere in New York.  And now that I think about it, that was probably the first time I started thinking about getting serious about weight loss.

Have you ever looked back and found that you’ve been putting bandaids on a broke leg instead of fixing the root of the issue?

In my case weight has be the root cause of almost everything: relationships, self esteem, energy, etc. So, after enough fat and friction piled up I was finally mad enough to take action, hire a personal trainer, and address the root of the issue instead of masking the symptoms.

Here are some steps for you to follow right now:

  1. Write down all the big problems you’re having in life on a piece of paper. (Yes paper!)
  2. Next to each problem write down the problem causing it.  (You may have to go multiple levels to find the root)
  3. Repeat 1 & 2 for each problem until you cannot go any further and you’ll find your root problems.  (Go further if you have more than 3-5)
  4. Work on fixing the root causes and the symptoms will fix themselves.

This exercise is not easy and I’ve failed at it many times myself, but I encourage you to keep trying until you discover how to successfully tackle the root cause of all your issues.

Here are my root issues and I how I’ve learned to start solving them:

Notice that none of these are free solutions.  I tried free advice from the internet for years before investing in books, courses, and services to help address my root issues.  For me, spending money raises the value of the information above anything that I could find on the internet.  So, instead of mindlessly consuming top 10 posts on the internet, I take action on paid content.

What’s the last self improvement product or service you spent money on that was totally worth it?