Baby Sister Graduated from College Today!

Baby Sister bringing the cap and gown back

Baby Sister bringing the cap and gown back

My baby sister graduated from Occupational Therapy school today!

Looks like success is running in the family these days.

As you continue down your path don’t forget to celebrate the success of others.  Not because you expect it in return.  Not because you “should.”  And not because you need to pay it forward.

Do it out of love.  Do it out of joy.  And if you can’t, it’s time to do some soul searching.

Share in their success and a bit may rub off ;-)

Also, don’t forget to celebrate with the person who’s likely your biggest cheerleader:

Love You Mom!

PS It’s mother’s day on Sunday the 12th ;-)

  • Great picture Dan! You look GREAT and I know your Mom is very proud of your sisters and you. Give her a big hug from me and tell her happy belated birthday, (and a happy birthday to you in 15 days!) :)