How I lost 90lbs: The Ultimate Weapon for Living an Amazing Life

Nothing Can Stop the Blob!

Nothing Can Stop the Blob!
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18 months ago I was a fat ass. How much does a fat ass weigh? 3lbs shy of 300lbs, that’s how much.

What does it feel like to be a fat ass? Sad, lazy, hot, tired, unproductive, unmotivated, sweaty, bloated, and lonely.

What does a fat ass think about? Losing weight and wondering why you can’t lose weight. Sex and all the reasons no one would ever have sex with you. All the things you “should” be doing and all the reasons why you can’t do them. Making more money but having nothing to offer the world.

So what does a fat ass do about it? Tries Atkins, South Beach, slow carb, portion control, juicing, weight training, running, P90x, personal trainer, multiple gym memberships, cooking my own food, eating nothing but Chipotle burrito bowls…Only to rapidly lose some weight and then pile it right back on, plus an extra 10lbs.

How does a fat ass build a business? By focusing on bullshit productivity programs and schemes: Getting Things Done, The Secret, Multi-level marketing, Inbox Zero, self help and leadership books, and any how-to DVD series. Anything that offers a “Get thin/rich/productive Quick” scheme that takes minimum time and zero effort.

All of this is the mental, emotional, and physical cycle I have been stuck in for the past 8 years. Until last Summer when my buddy Josh and I ran a race together.

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